Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

There are conditions attached to our Products and Services which we advise our potential clients to have a print copy of it as they use our services. Whenever we feel there is a need to adjust the terms of the agreement, such adjustment or changes will be published on the Website.

 Meaning of words and phrases the terms of Agreement

 ‘Account’ means a client’s Account that is domiciled with us but only controlled by the client. This includes the area where the client instructs Cheapmoov and manages the procedure of selling, buying, renting or letting. 

  ‘On the Market’ means that a product has been advertised on www.rightmove.co.uk, www.zoopla.co.uk and on www.cheapmoov.co.uk.

 ‘Online Platform’ refers to the Systems provided to you in accordance with this agreement to manage the Products and Services.

 ‘Privacy Policy’ refers to the Privacy Policy as amended from time to time and published on the Website and Online Platform.

 ‘Products and Services’ refers to all and each of the products and services offered from time to time by Cheapmoov within the Website and Online Platform. 

‘Property’ refers to the property you instructed Cheapmoov to market.

Paying us

Cheapmoov only charges the Advertised Rates for the Products and Services which are fixed. When such payment attracts cost charge from the credit card company, we reserve the right to make a charge for the cost incurred.

 - Conditions to approving advert

Once you decide to use any of our Services and the Local Property Expert creates your Advert for approval, Cheapmoov will notify you as soon as the Advert is ready for approval. It is your right to decide on the contents and nature of the Advert such as descriptions, photographs, and floor plans.  Any information found to be misleading will be deleted immediately from our website.

 - Pictures and Photographs

We allow clients to upload pictures and photographs of their property, provided the pictures meet the following conditions;

?    Pictures or photographs must be that of the client’s property.

?    Any picture or photograph which do not comply with our conditions will be treated a breach.

 - Energy Performance Certificate (‘EPC’)

Before any property is advertised, the owner will be required to provide an EPC, so it, therefore, the responsibility of any property owner who wishes to advertise his property online to have a valid and up to date EPC.

 ‘To Let’ Board

Where clients request us to let their property, we will arrange for one ‘To Let’ board to be erected free of charge provided it was included in the Services. All subsequent boards will be charged at the Advertised Rates in force from time to time and published on the Online Platform.

 - Viewings

Cheapmoov can arrange viewings of property at a time convenient for the owner. Property owners are always notified once a viewing is booked and the identity of the person(s) who wish to view the property provided. The property owner has a duty of care to ensure safe condition during viewings.  In the event we see reasons to discontinue the viewing, we reserve the right to withdraw the viewings service at any time, especially when the feedbacks from viewers are not commendable.

 - Keys

If a property owner takes advantage of the viewings service offered by Cheapmoov, the owner shall provide us with keys to access all the doors in the property.  We shall store these in a safe and secure locked cabinet.

 - Empty properties

If a property is empty, the owner shall conduct regular security and condition checks from time to time, and we shall not be responsible for doing so.

 - Booking of viewing

If a property owner has chosen to conduct their own viewings, they may enter their details such as their proposed and convenient time into the Online Platform. The information will enable people who want to view, to choose a date and time to suit them and the property owner will be notified when a viewing is booked. Confirmation from the owner will be required where a viewing is requested outside of this availability.

 - Feedback

As part of efforts to know how the property is doing in the market, we ask for feedback from all the potential buyers who have viewed the property. The feedback is made available to the vendor through their account.

 - Offers

When we receive offers on a property, we make such offers known to the property owners. We request basic information from the potential buyer and make same available to the owner. We take these steps to ensure that the offer made meets the criteria. Property owners have a choice to accept the offer, reject the offer, reject and negotiate or, choose Cheapmoov to negotiate on their behalf.

 We give you quality adverts

Quality adverts are very important and we that is what we offer you. From the photos, floorplan, to house description, we create the best advert for your property.

Excellent service provider

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