Cheapmoov also offers an exclusive Home Conveyancing service, helping its Clients with the legal side of moving homes. Benefit from our:

• No move - no legal fee

Your terms are our terms – pure and simple! If you choose to withdraw your interest from a sale or purchase for any reason (even for convenience) before the contracts are signed off, you will not have to bare any fees for conveyancing, only for third party payments prior approved, incurred, due and payable.

• Fixed price guaranteed

We offer a fixed and transparent pricing model for all our Conveyancing services such that it enables your plan upfront for the services – no surprises and hidden costs. You can proceed with confidence with us, notwithstanding the complexities of the transaction.

• One time Purchase search pledge

Cheapmoov takes a one- time property search fee – whether the purchase falls through or not, we will do further search at no extra cost and better still, we will make refunds for search that failed to pull through. 

• Manage every aspect of your case securely & exclusively

Our approach is exclusive. We value the confidentiality of our clients and will provide a secure, online service, so you can control your Conveyancing, even from a smartphone, tablet, or computer 24/7. We also provide detailed and easy to follow guides on how to move the conveyancing process along. 

• Accessible 24 hours every day (except on public holidays)

Your busy schedule notwithstanding, you can reach us physically for 12 hours a day (……...am to……….pm) and remotely, the rest the time, except on holidays. We are postured to make your life easy and to serve you to your best imagined potential.

Excellent service provider

United Kingdom