Why Invest in Buy-to-Let Properties in University Towns in the UK

Why Invest in Buy-to-Let Properties in University Towns in the UK

Published on 6th February 2018

Why Invest in Buy-to-Let Properties in University Towns in the UK

Should you be investing in buy-to-let properties near colleges or universities? Could that help you make the most money from your rental property?

Cheapmoobv is very experienced in Student accommodation and manages many HMO in student residential areas. We connect landlords with tenants; through our work, we have access to a lot of data on the rental market and the housing market in the UK.

As a leading online letting agent, it has been our experience that rental properties situated near universities and colleges have no trouble attracting tenants. Students and lecturers at universities are always on the lookout for rented accommodations.

Before we tell you more about this, here’s just a quick word on our services: At Cheapmoov we are the cheapest online letting agents in the UK. We have a range of letting packages starting at just £25.00.

If you are a landlord, you should consider signing up for our traditional package which costs £299.00. This gives you access to 6 months of free property management services.

CheapMoov.co.uk lists your property on all popular property portals. We handle tenant referencing, give you access to a local property expert, offer assistance with the tenancy agreement and deposit protection and much more.

Let’s talk about why you should invest in buy-to-let properties in university towns in the UK...

#1: University towns are well populated – University towns are packed with students, lecturers and university staff. There are always people coming and going here and there is no dearth of potential tenants. You will not find it hard to find high paying tenants around here, especially among the wealthy foreign students.

#2: Students are the most low-risk tenants – College students make the best tenants are they are well educated, generally polite and eager to please. Many college students come from wealthy families, especially those who have come from abroad. They pay the rent in advance and take good care of the property.

#3: University towns are not just about students – College towns or university towns have a large population of lecturers, college staff or university staff and a number of small business owners that cater to the student community. So they are not just about students. Most lecturers or professors are very well paid; they have secure, high paying jobs and make the best tenants. They don’t mind paying over the top if they like the rental property. There is no risk of them not paying the rent on time.

#4: The rental market in university towns is recession proof - University towns have a thriving economy, a fast growing population and an incessant demand for accommodation. They are also recession proof and are insulated from the mainstream economy to a large extent.

There is hence a major demand for rental properties in popular university towns in the UK such as Oxbridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Nottingham. The buy-to-let properties are very valuable around here and fetch premium values and are certainly a great investment.


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