What to Do When You Are Not Able to Sell Your House Fast

What to Do When You Are Not Able to Sell Your House Fast

Published on 27th February 2018

What to Do When You Are Not Able to Sell Your House Fast

Have you been trying to sell your house online fast but without much success?

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your house remain idle on the market for months without anyone making the move for it. So you wonder if your property is cursed and why no one has made an offer for it as yet.

No, your property is not cursed; the main issue seems to be the lack of preparation on your behalf, and not getting the right guidance. 20% to 30% of all listed properties remain unsold even after having been put on the market for months for this reason.

At Cheapmoov, we help homeowners such as yourself sell house online fast. There are many reasons why you haven’t got an offer for your house as yet.

#1: Because of the poor state of your house

How long has it been since you renovated your property? If the house looks old and dilapidated, it’s not going to fetch you too many bids. The least you can do is to spruce up the garden, repaint the interiors and the exteriors, renovate the kitchen and the bathroom, and hire plumbers and electricians to make sure that the systems are functioning properly.

#2: Because of an ineffective advertising campaign

When we get a client who wants to sell a house online but hasn’t been able to for many months despite their best efforts, we ask them about their advertising and marketing strategy. Most people underestimate the importance of advertising campaigns in real estate – that could make all the difference between selling the house for a good price and the house remaining unsold for months despite being located in a decent area. At Cheapmoov, we use a range of online and offline marketing strategies. We advertise your property on all the major property portals, use social media advertising, and a number of strategies to make sure that you’re able to sell house online quickly.

#3: Not hiring the right estate agent(s)

The estate agent or the selling agent you hire makes all the difference. There are experienced estate agents with a massive agent network such as those at Cheapmoov, who have the best connections and make sure that your house gets sold fast. And then there are inexperienced or non-serious estate agents who really do not have a clue on what it takes to succeed in the current market environment, and have zero understanding of the latest property market trends. Those are the ones you should avoid if you want to sell your house fast.

#4: Poor pricing strategy

Pricing can make all the difference. Your house may be perfect in every way possible, but if you set a selling price that is much higher the average that comparable properties in your area are selling for, then it will not get too many offers. You can be sure about that. Buyers of today are very smart and they have so many tools and websites at their disposable, so they have a very good idea of the right price for a house in any area. So don’t get too greedy and set a realistic price for the house.

Hope you found this informative. Sign up for our sales packages starting at $99 so that you can sell house online fast.

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