Marks Out of Tenancy

Marks Out of Tenancy

Published on 1st May 2019

Marks Out of Tenancy

What is Marks Out Of Tenancy?

Marks Out Of Tenancy is a website that enables tenants in the private rental sector to rate and review their tenancy experience. When leaving a review, tenants rate their landlord, letting agent, the property and the neighbourhood.

The company believes that the more information that is accessible to tenants allows for better-informed decision making. On their website, you can Research the rental market through genuine, first-hand experiences from the UK's 12,000,000 renters and join the community reviewing their landlord, letting agent, property and neighbourhood today.

This approach makes reviews incredibly useful to users to find out what a place is like to live in before signing a tenancy agreement. Questions like "Is this neighbourhood good for families? What's the landlord like to deal with? What sort of track record does this letting agent have? What's the flat like to live in?" can all be answered before signing a tenancy agreement.

Marks Out Of Tenancy has most recently launched ‘Tenants’ Tools’ for tenants to securely keep any tenancy-related images and documents securely in one place.

The system records and shows the exact dates and times that the images were taken and if the user has the ‘Save Location’ feature enabled on their mobile when they take the images, the system will save the exact location the picture was taken.

The website also includes features such as storage for all tenancy related documents, including tenancy agreement, EPC, gas safety certificates, letters from the landlord. These folders are used to keep everything organised, listable by name or date created.

When it comes to moving out, everything can be downloaded with a click of a button, compressed to save storage space and sent off the deposit agency.

In the coming weeks, Marks Out Of Tenancy is adding Contacts, Notes, a Notice Letter Generator, the ‘How To Be A Good Tenant’ guide, Rights and Responsibilities and more, making the site even more useful to renters across the country.

Ben Yarrow, CEO of Marks Out Of Tenancy, said: “By helping tenants keep all their information in one place Marks Out Of Tenancy aims to reduce the number of end-of-tenancy disputes, saving tenants, landlords, letting agencies and deposit schemes precious time and money.

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